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Synthetic Lawn Sydney - The Case for Artificial Grass: Why It Might be Right for You

You’ve finally done it. You have that dream home you’ve been saving for years. You have that three-bedroom house with all the needed space for you and your kids. A pleasant living room complete with all the furniture that you like. A clean and sleek kitchen for all your cooking needs. And finally, that bathroom where you’ll spend a lot of time thinking about what else you can have in your home.

But when you look out your window, you have that empty space outside screaming for something. Maybe that front lawn needs some color or that backyard desperately wants some life injected into it. The first thing that would pop in mind is something green, something decorative, something to soothe your eyes at. Then you look at your neighbors and say, “Hey, the grass really is greener on the other side.”

The good news is there’s no need to look at the other side of the fence. The grass is indeed greener on the other side in that case but you can have that same green without looking any further. Your own lawn can be the greener one. It can be the better one. It can be the best one.

And there’s no better way to transform your lawn into the best it can be than getting your own grass. But don’t stop there. Get a synthetic one.

Here is a sample of just a few of our Synthetic Turf installations.

What is synthetic turf/artificial grass?

Artificial grass, sometimes called synthetic turf or grass, is a surface of synthetic fibers made to look like natural grass. It is soft under the foot and looks great all year round. Synthetic grass requires none of the maintenance a traditional lawn requires.

Synthetic grass has many benefits over natural grass, including being more durable, easier to maintain, and requiring less water. It can also be made to look like different types of grass, such as Bermuda grass or Fescue. While synthetic grass used to be made mostly from oil-based materials, newer versions are made from recycled materials, such as plastic bottles. This makes them more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Synthetic grass is a great option for those who want the look of a well-manicured lawn without the hassle of maintaining one. It is also a good choice for people with allergies or sensitivities to grass pollen as there is no need to mow or fertilize it.

The beauty of synthetic grass doesn’t stop there. Its application is not limited to a low and horizontal space beneath your feet. A vertical panel can be installed on your walls should you want it. This is the perfect complement to any newly renovated back garden. It can be installed on any flat surface both undercover and exposed to the elements. These look great when you’re having BBQs or just let them hang out in the yard.

Our lives are getting busier and busier with each passing day. We could wish for another day or two just to dedicate it to the mowing and weeding we’ve been putting off but that’s just not possible. With synthetic grass, there’s no need to wish for a free day just for lawn maintenance. Your free time is strictly your “me time”.

What's involved in lawn maintenance/how much it costs? / Forget about lawn maintenance

Ask yourself these questions:

If your answer to even one of these is yes then synthetic grass is ideal for you.

There’s no need to keep it green because it never fades. Its color stays the same even without the effort to keep it green. Of course, there’s no need to water synthetic grass. You can rest easy with any worries you may have with your water bills or any impact you may have on the environment. You can kiss that extra spending goodbye because there’s no need for any upkeep. It rarely gets dirty and when it does, you can just hose it off and the dirt will run down through its drainage holes.

Synthetic grass is suitable for all lawns big and small. Safe for children and pets and essentially maintenance-free. It takes your stress of lawn care and replaces it with a beautiful lawn to look at year-round.

Why choose artificial grass vs. natural grass

Choosing between artificial and natural is a dilemma that has always been in our minds in many things. And In choosing the make of your lawn, it’s even harder. At The Grass Bros., we will work with you to ensure the decision you make is going to offer you years of happiness and no more stress.

Below are the strengths of each make of grass to help you pick:


Synthetic grass is a low-maintenance alternative that can provide all the same benefits as natural grass without any of the hassles. It only requires the occasional sweeping and cleaning. In addition to saving time and money, synthetic grass is also environmentally friendly. It doesn’t require any pesticides or herbicides, and it doesn’t release any carbon emissions from gas-powered lawn equipment. It’s also a great option for pet owners, as synthetic turf won’t turn into a muddy mess when your dog or cat goes out to play.

Also, it’s quite durable and long-lasting. Some types are guaranteed to last for up to 25 years. Synthetic grass can withstand heavy foot traffic and is resistant to damage from playful pets. It’s also low in allergen. It means that if you have allergies, you won’t have to worry about pollen or other allergens getting trapped in the grass.

Artificial grass installation

“Our Grass, Synthetic. Our Service, Authentic”

The Grass Bros. is a small team run on-site by our director Nick. He left his corporate life and moved from the tech industry to the lawn and grass business. You have our guarantee that he and the team will be with you every step of the way. Nick will be on site every time to ensure the job is done right.

Our synthetic grass is manufactured in Australia and we offer a 7-year guarantee on all synthetic products we provide and a lifetime workmanship guarantee.

The Grass Bros. quote, order, deliver and install the grass so you will be dealing with the same people from start to finish. There are many synthetic grass options on the market but there are very few that are manufactured in Australia. We like to keep it local! This means we are not only supporting other Australian businesses but it also means we can quality check all the products we install. We can even watch your new lawn being manufactured!

Though our business grew and gave more services to schools and commercial establishments, our services shine brighter when we do residential projects. We pride ourselves that we provide our customers with the best they deserve at the price they’re most comfortable with.

We give a free site inspection but no commitment to any payment on your end. We will still give you a sample computation should you desire. The Grass Bros. will provide a clear and detailed explanation of the scope of work. We’ll also provide a comprehensive, itemised quotation for every project.

Here at The Grass Bros., we are clean, green, grass-laying machines. Our work is punctual and our services are phenomenal.


How long does it last?
We offer a 7-year guarantee on all of our synthetic turf however it will last much longer than that. You can expect to get about 20 years’ life out of your lawn.

Is it safe?
Yes, our grass is toxin and lead-free. Safe for you, your children, and your pets.

Do I need to clean it?
If your grass becomes dirty, you can hose it down. However, synthetic grass is not dusty like a natural lawn.

Does it get hot in the sun?
As synthetic grass is made of plastic it can heat up slightly in direct sunlight. Once the area is in shade the heat will dissipate almost immediately.

What happens when pets go to the toilet?
The urine will travel through the drainage holes in the grass and disappear in the underlay.

Types of Synthetic Turf

Natural Grass Installation Sydney

Landscape Turf

Make your home the talk of the neighbourhood! Discover our natural looking synthetic turf solutions. All our artificial turfs are made to the highest quality at our Factory in Botany, NSW. Free from heavy metal and harmful chemicals…
Installing Artificial Grass Sydney


Designed to withstand the high-use and wear associated with multisport fields, FieldTurf systems offer the ideal solution for community, school venues and all areas that have to be home to more than one activity…

We believe we have the most beautiful Synthetic Grass available on the market today, with prices that are comparable with lower grade imported grasses.

Whilst synthetic turf is more expensive than natural turf, it is a one off cost which will remain soft an d beautiful for 20 years or more and is actually far more popular than natural grass in the Sydney area. The advantages being it is green all year round, no weeds, mowing or fertilising and no risk of dying / dead patches.

There are 2 types of synthetic installations:

1. Direct stick Method

2. Dig and backfill Method